Jawad Jawad himself is working since the 90ies in the busic business. 
He is producing, writing and composing all songs by himself and loves to perform and interpret his work on his own ways. straight, true and positively artificial. 

After Jawad Jawad established his own Label "Papion Records" he supports young artists on their way and give them space to develop themselves. 


Papion Records produces the single "7 Days, 7 Nights" in 2011 and according to this track a music video as well - with dance moves and the demonstration of the lovely girl next door. 

Nala Nil 

Papion Records started to work with Nala Nil in 2011. The first single "An Angel, A Devil or Just A Dream" was released at September 2011 in all online music stores after the music video was shoot in Florida near Fort Myers Beach. After the ballad Papion Records decided to do a dance track with Nala Nil and in Dezember 2011 Jawad Jawad produced the second single "Listen to me now". Therefore Nala Nil shoot a video with the professional cameraman Marcus Müller, who did a lot of effects with the lights and the technical style of the scenes as you can see in the music video.

The latest project with Nala Nil is a feature of Jawad Jawad's dance track "Lehl Ya Lehl" in July 2012. The single is not yet released. 

Nice Sisters 

Papion Records get to know the Nice Sisters in autumn 2011. 
At first Jawad Jawad started to work with only one of them called Sola before he brought the other two sisters in the studio. 
Every girl brings her own sound color in the voice and Jawad produced nearly a whole LP with the girls in the studio. 
The first presentation of some songs during a club opening in November 2011 have been promoted with a little youtube clip in the internet.

Check the youtube Trailer

Moon Yara

Jawad Jawad decided to work with Moon Yara in the End of 2011 and produced the single "And I" in January 2012.