Papion Records

Papion Records - Jawad Jawad's music label -  musiccolorsyourspirit

He worked as a producer, composer and songwriter over years and decided to build up a label by his own in 2010. 

Jawad Jawad started his work in the music business during the 90ies in Berlin City. In this time he was producer and artist for the label metronome. 
He filled up the clubs like "Jungle", "Zoo", "New York", "Belushi" & "Tolstefans" with his amazing show and released singles like "Mrs. sweet cool heart girl" (Metronome (Universal)) which he presented on stage at  "Bitte l√§cheln spezial" on the TV channel RTL2.

Later on he worked for Polygram as well ans produced many hits and remixes like "Hands up", "Mandala" & "Superman". 
Jawad's Label Papion Records is always in search for qualitiy, beauty and spirit. 

Today he produces a lot of songs written & composed by his own and supports young artist on their way to music business. 
Papion Records has a lot of online single releases e.g. by Jawad Jawad, Nala Nil, Moon Yara & Ceya. 

Jawad Jawad's LP is named "musiccolorsyourspirit" (Released in 2011) and gives every musiclover an impression about life and how to grow. - available in his Record Store in Berlin-Charlottenburg or in the internet.